BlockBase Token Distribution Roadmap tl;dr Version

Let’s start with the FAQ

  1. When did the airgrab start?
    The airgrab started at the 8th of October at 12:00 EST.
  2. How does the airgrab work?
    It’s 24 airgrabs each with a duration of one month. Each one starts at the 8th and ends at the 7th of the next month.
  3. How many tokens will be distributed in total?
    45 millions of tokens will be distributed during the 24 months.
  4. How many tokens will be distributed per airgrab?
    1/7th of the remaining tokens to distribute will be distributed per airgrab.
  5. Why did I receive 0.0 BBT tokens when airgrabbing?
    It’s normal to receive 0.0 BBT tokens when you enlist in the airgrab. Don’t worry, you’ll receive your tokens at the end of the monthly airgrab. You receive 0.0 BBT upon registration because we can only figure out how much to distribute per participant at the end of the monthly airgrab.
  6. When will I receive my tokens?
    Tokens will be distributed at the end of each airgrab, which will be after the 7th of every Month.
  7. How many tokens will I receive on an airgrab?
    The quantity of tokens distributed per participant is dependent on the number of participants. Furthermore, the distribution is random and follows a specific function. This is further explained after the FAQ.
  8. What type of account can be used for the airgrab?
    Just a normal account with sufficient RAM for receiving the tokens.
  9. If I register on one airgrab, will my account receive tokens on all the remaining airgrabs?
    No. Your account will only receive tokens on that airgrab and won’t receive more tokens on any further airgrab.
  10. Where is the airgrab available?
    It’s available on our site, on eosauthority, on and on token pocket.
  11. Where can I check if I’m listed?
    You can check if you’re registed at

Token distribution model per airgrab

Token distribution per participant per airgrab



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